Tech marketing teams need to learn from the entertainment industry

Tech #marketing teams of the future should learn from the entertainment industry, not other marketing teams

Product launch video? Learn from someone who’s done a movie/game trailer

Podcast? Learn from a Radio Jockey who knows how to engage an audience with only their voice

Webinar/Conference talk? Learn from a theatre artist/standup comedian who can engage a crowd for 90 minutes

How-to product video? Learn from YouTubers with a million subscribers who teach how to dance online

Event? Learn from industry events like E3 Expo on how to throw a party, not just an event

Product demo video? Learn from a script writer on how to tell a compelling story for your product

You get the idea. The marketing teams that put on a show will be far more successful in the future

Idea inspired from Dave Gerhardt (ex Drift). He was the first one to focus on ‘putting on a show’