Product Experience Maturity Index

The Product Experience Maturity Index is a five level index that shows you how to better your product experience.

The Product Summit - Notes

This is a curated post from the product summit 2020

Cult Live is a game in disguise

Ever since the Nintendo Wii launched in 2006, a lot has changed in the world of motion gaming. Sony entered this market with PS Move with a controller set better suited for tracking and Microsoft took it a step further with Kinect where you simply...

Thank you, Netflix. You’ve ruined Hotstar for me.

Hotstar would’ve been perfectly fine for me — if not for Netflix. User Experience is something I never experienced . To me, computer applications are something that I worked on. I have to actually put in the effort to make the application do som...

Failed Printer and the Certified Usability Analyst

“Paper Jam. Remove paper from a tray” read the printer in its 8-bit style, unemotional font. It spoke as if it didn’t know what I was going through. “NO! NO! NO!” I screamed internally! “The exam is in 40 minutes and I do not have the time to go ...